Donut Worry, Medford’s Own Demet’s Donuts is Listed as Among the Best

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What Makes a Donut the Best Donut?

Medford Spotlight
Food and Drink
March 9, 2016

Congratulations! According to The Boston Globe, Demet’s Donuts, located at 199 Mystic Avenue, Medford is one of the 13 Best Donut Shops in the Boston area. Famous for their blueberry nugget, owner George Koleas also recommends the glazed bow tie, glazed jelly, and the Boston cream. HERE is a sprinkling of the other glazed choices.

So now, just like this article from the kitchn asks, what makes a great donut? Is it texture? Sweetness? Glaze? Flavor?

A contest in Cleveland, Ohio used the following criteria:

1) Fragrance and flavor: Distinctive, delicious, sweet, but not overpowering. This is a breakfast food.

2) Fillings: Taste as advertised. Chocolate is chocolate. Raspberry is raspberry.

3) Texture: A combination of lightness with something to chew on for a moment or two.

4) Nostalgia: Flavor combinations should make sense and pay respect to the tradition of donut of history.

5) How do they taste on the second day?: Are they good enough to at least dunk in your coffee?


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